10 gift ideas for dogs & their humans this holiday

The holidays offer a slew of gift-giving anxieties. What exactly are you supposed to get for your sister’s new boyfriend? How about your second cousin twice-removed? While you’re sitting on the couch, scrolling through endless gift guides and influencer tell-alls, you may look down and see who’s sitting at your feet. Looking up at you, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, your furry BFF who loves you no matter what gifts you get. And then, it dawns on you. Who better to acknowledge than the ones who are by our sides through it all?

We think pups deserve the best, so we’ve picked out some of our favorite holiday gifts to give them — and we know their humans will be super touched by the thoughtful gesture, too.

modern gift ideas for dog lovers
  1. It’s winter. It’s cold. And you know your pup can suffer from dry cracked skin just like we do. Snout Soother + Paw Soother is the best dog balm formulated to heal rough, chapped and dry dog paw pads and snouts. Not to mention, it’s all organic, natural, vegan and smells delicious.

  2. Whether you’re West Coast weekend trekking or prancing down the East Coast urban street, it’s time you buy these Hunter-inspired dog booties for your charming pup. Classic and practical, these will last you through every season.

  3. Established in 2006, Found my Animal sells hand-crafted and really cute accessories for adopted animals and their people. Check out some of their amazing collars and leashes. You can customize for color, material, collar or harness.

  4. We’re loving these Pendleton dog beds – they’re classicly chic, reasonably priced and fitting for any home. We’re partial to the Grand Canyon edition (obviously), but heart them all.

  5. Check out this natural dog shampoo from Truce, an all-new shampoo that leaves a gorgeous shiny coat without the nasty chemicals. Shampoo suds contain harmful bubbles which can irritate the skin and often have no real cleansing benefit. This shampoo is all-natural and all kinds of amazing.

  6. Take your neck scarf look up a notch and match your pup with these every day festive bandana dog bandanas?

  7. Humans shouldn’t hog sweater weather. Chlo&Co has innovated dog apparel and we’re all about it. Mustard knit for my dog? Yes, please!

  8. You or someone you love needs this personalized dog tree ornament!

  9. It’s never too early to plan for Halloween. This adorable dinosaur dog sweater works both for the cold winter months and a spooky 2020  Halloween season.

  10. And of course, wagkind organic dog CBD oil and dog CBD treats… because well, a pup’s health should be priority numero uno, and who doesn’t love a chill holiday? Take your pick between the hemp CBD drops or the hemp CBD cookies. No nonsense, just mother nature.