2019: the year we went toatally crazy for oats

Let’s face it. Oats are having a moment. Sure, they’ve always had their healthy place in the cookie and breakfast category, but oats are getting their rightful place in the everyday spotlight. Poor almond-soy-cashew-every-other-milk, oat milk is where it’s at in the human coffee category. And we just saw oat milk ice cream.

So what’s so special about oats and oat flour, particularly for dogs? Well, oats are super nutritious. They’re gluten-free. And they don’t undergo any genetic engineering or modification (smell ya, GMOs). And if you know anything about our sourcing team at wagkind, this makes them all sorts of happy.

Beyond that, one of CBD’s superpowers is its anti-inflammatory abilities and oats just happen to do that for our furry kids. Plus, they’re an awesome skin-soothing agent for dogs.

So when it came to making a decision about ingredients for our Organic CBD Cookies, we were sold on oat flour and its light fluffy texture to help our delish dog baked goods rise.