dog lovers. wellness enthusiasts.
furry kid parents. holistic believers.
innovators. philanthropists.

balanced health for french bulldog

hunter is everything to our family
and we wanted to find a natural
way to keep him healthy and happy.

– teri bockting, co-founder

we are a rare breed

natural health and wellness is in our blood, literally.
we live a holistic lifestyle and want our furry kids to do the same.
so we’ve dedicated our lives to helping dogs thrive.

what gets our tail wagging

dogs have no agenda except to love (and eat, of course).
they make us strive to be the people they think we are.
and nothing excites us more than doing what’s right for them.

showing love to all wagkind

a portion of every purchase goes into the wagkind fund.
supporting dog parents when medical emergencies arise.
helping with costly treatment and care for their furry loved ones.

pack leaders

teri bockting
hunter’s mom

james clark
cheerio’s dad

kari tuttle
poocho’s mom

danny bockting
hunter’s dad