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We are thrilled for wagkind to have a full-page feature in the Scottsdale Progress. Written by Kristine Cannon, the article features an interview with wagkind’s Chief Innovation Officer, James Clark, and his journey with CBD to help his very anxious dog Cheerio. Super health and wellness-focused himself, James was desperate to find a natural option to help Cheerio and their family live a more relaxed everyday life.

“Based on all of our experience we wanted cleaner products, because if we’re going to be giving this to dogs on the daily, like Cheerio and Teri and Danny’s dog, Hunter, we wanted to make sure it didn’t have anything in the product that would have bad side effects. We want to make sure all the ingredients were super natural,” Clark said.

So after almost a year of R&D, wagkind launched with two key products Organic CBD Drops and Organic CBD Cookies to help dogs like Cheerio deal with stress, pain and anxiety.

“Halloween this year was so much different than Halloween the previous year because we gave him a good dose and he was chill,” Clark said. “He went from a 10-out-of-10 crazy to probably like a two-out-of-10 — and we’ll take that.”

Heading up innovation for wagkind, James also talked to Kristine about the future of wagkind’s product line up. Wagkind has three new products in development — products Clark calls “game-changers.”

“When you look at the world of CBD, so many people have the tinctures, a lot of people have different variations of some sort of treat. We want to do something that’s different than that,” Clark teased, but kept mum about what, exactly, those products are.

To read the full article and see James and Cheerio’s smiling faces, click here and head on over to Scottsdale Progress.

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