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We’re honored to see wagkind co-founders Teri and Danny Bockting featured in the January 2020 issue of Uptown Magazine.

For All Wagkind

Teri and Danny Bockting are giving dogs their daily dose of CBD

By Mandy Holmes / Photo by Claudia Johnstone

It’s no secret that the CBD craze has taken the Valley by storm, used as a natural remedy for various ailments. Teri and Danny Bockting are taking the phenomenon to the canine market with their company Wagkind, a dog wellness brand that uses CBD.

The husband-and-wife team, who currently live in Central Phoenix with their daughters Clementine and Poppy Plum, were avid travelers prior to settling down in Arizona. It was their encounters with nature during their six-month stint throughout Asia and Costa Rica as well as the birth of their first daughter that helped open their eyes to CBD.

“When my first daughter was born, I became obsessed with making sure our home was as natural and chemical-free as possible,” Danny says.

With the help of Teri’s background in creative branding and Danny’s entrepreneurial spirit, the college sweethearts launched Wagkind in October 2019 with two signature products: organic CBD cookies and organic CBD drops. Filled with clean and effective human-grade, organic, superfood ingredients, Wagkind combines the couple’s love of dogs, plants, holistic wellness and great design. 

“Building something from scratch with my family and watching others quickly believe and benefit from what you’ve created is an indescribable feeling,” Teri says. “Every day we’re hearing from dog parents who tell us how Wagkind is making their dogs’ lives better.”

While there is a growing amount of CBD companies in the country, the Bocktings believe their dedication to the quality of their products is what sets Wagkind apart from the competition.  

“I’d put our products up against anyone’s – human or dog – the ingredients are 100% organic, human-grade and grown in the sunshine, how Mother Nature intended,” Danny says. “We don’t rely on greenhouses or cut corners on anything that would jeopardize our product’s effectiveness or quality.”

For more information or to buy products, visit Their products can also be found locally at Local Nomad and Kaya Hemp Co.