here’s what goes into the best cbd treats for dogs.

Let’s talk cookies. Truly everyone’s favorite subject. When we started wagkind we set out to make the best CBD treats for dogs, something that actually looked and smelled like a cookie. Something that would bring both humans and dogs happiness and health on a daily basis. Because as wellness nuts ourselves, we know that healthy can taste delicious. And since we believe that ‘dogs are people too’ we used our own noses, tastebuds and nutrition principles to drive our cookie recipe development. (Our own pups were honest taste-testers along the way, too!) Have you actually read the nutrition facts on some dog products? And how many times have you opened up a box of dog treats and jerked your head back at the smell? Would you want to eat that? If the answer is nope, then neither should our dogs.

After almost a year, our sourcing obsessed team finally created a cookie that met all of wagkind’s criteria:

  • 100% organic – check!
  • Ingredients beneficial to dogs – check!
  • Super effective amount of CBD – check!
  • No binders or inactive ingredients – check!
  • Smells delicious – check!
  • Looks like a cookie – check!
best cbd for dogs


Packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats.

Great source of folic acid and magnesium.

Pretty much a dog’s favorite thing.

best cbd for dogs


Great for a pup’s skin and coat.

Improves digestion.

Reduces allergic reactions.

organic cbd for dogs


Great source of vitamin B.

Packed with omega-6 fatty acids that support skin health.

Tons of fiber to help with digestion.

organic cbd for dogs


Great source of vitamins A and C.

Helps keep mouths clean.

Antioxidant rich.

best dog cbd oil


CBD is the MVP!

It naturally reduces anxiety, seizures, pain, allergies and inflammation in dogs.

Our philosophy is always ‘the less fluff the better.’ At wagkind we like to focus on the good stuff like these real, all-organic ingredients, body-boosting superfoods and wholesome mother nature goodness. And we always avoid the inactive and hard-to-pronounce fillers and binders like lecithin, sorbitol, gum Arabic and cellulose that may boost the appearance, but don’t offer any benefit to our furry kids. We’d rather use an all-natural binder like our organic peanut and have a few cookie crumbs, than filling our cookies with any of the fake stuff. We’re sure you’d agree.

Take a peek at our cookie nutrition label, read happy dog parents reviews & tap here to buy a jar of wagkind’s CBD dog treats for $28