dog trends: 2020

After the wild whirlwind that was the past 10 years, it’s no question that we’re ready to say hello to 2020. Not only are we preparing for a new year – we’re preparing for a whole new decade. With a new decade comes new trends, new goals, new yous. What are we especially looking forward to? Well for us at wagkind, that’s easy: helping our pups live their best lives right beside us.

We know 2020 is going to bring a lot of surprises, but one thing’s for sure – our furry children will be along for the ride.

01 / 2020 is the year for taking your dog literally everywhere.

Breaking up with your man? Bring Rufus. Asking your boss for a raise? Look who’s sitting next to you during your Zoom meeting. Flying across the country to see family? Sweet pup is the best co-pilot. With more and more places allowing dogs, we couldn’t be happier to see this trend skyrocket.

03 / Level-up your morning routine.

We’ve all heard that how you spend your morning can affect the rest of your day. Whether you’ve set a goal for your 2020 self to try that morning workout, meditate every day, or create a gratitude journal – we think it’s worth adding your pup into your daily wellness routine. Take them on a morning run and don’t forget to give them their daily supplement (our CBD drops offer a natural and effective way to help ease their anxiety, pain and boost their overall wellness).  

05 / dog cameras are stepping into the spotlight.

Being able to check-in and connect with your dog can majorly ease anxiety for both them and you. pair a camera with their daily CBD, and you’ve got a happier, calmer pup. Plus, we can’t wait for the iPhone’s new “pet portrait mode“. Pair that with puppy presets and your grid just got a whole lot happier.

photo credit / @capitalfilmsdc and @fairmontwashington

07 / plant-powered products for happier, healthier pups

The days of “dog grade” are simply behind us! many companies like wagkind are making mindful, earth-conscious and organic products you can feel good about giving your furry child.

any other trends you’re predicting? we’d love to know!

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