holiday happenings for you & yours

…you and your pup that is. ‘Tis the season to spend time with loved ones and celebrate another year gone by. But what’s a celebration without your furry friend? Some of our favorite holiday traditions can be made that much better by simply bringing our furry kids along for the ride. Check out some of our favorite, dog-friendly activities this holiday season.

Movie in the Park
Check your local listings for movies and concerts in the park! Cities across the country are playing classic holiday movies in parks, town squares and playgrounds. Bring your favorite blanket, some wagkind dog treats and enjoy the movie with your best bud.

Christmas Photos
Sounds crazy? Not really. Grab a friend or hire your favorite photog and take some holiday photos with your pup. Whether you end up sending them to your list of extended family and friends, you’ll at least have wonderful images to hang in your place of you and your pooch dressed up for the holidays (maybe just hide them on a first date).

Dog Park
Well, of course. Give your dog their own kind of holiday party with a jaunt around the dog park. Dial it up by bringing healthy goodies for all their furry friends.

Bring your dog to work day
While the National holiday isn’t until June 22nd, we know the office must be slowing down, but stresses running high. Bring your pup to work and instantly lift the holiday cheer among your coworkers. Bonus points if you dress your pup up for the occasion.

Farmer’s Market Stroll
We know you probably do this anyway, so how about making this week’s Farmers Market run extra special? Spend extra time circling around all the new smells and encourage your pup to socialize with all the neighborhood dogs. Tip: if you live in a colder climate, look for indoor farmer’s markets.

Find a new neighborhood dog-friendly patio
Whether you’re taking a walk down your neighborhood streets or browsing the internet, take inventory of the dog-friendly patios that you can bring your pup to when the weather is bright and sunny (we’re looking at you, West Coast).

Get outside
Explore a new trail, hike or take your dog sledding and get those endorphins working overtime. It’s the perfect solution to holiday stress. And our friends at Fetching Fields offer organic, individually-wrapped hiking and activity snacks for dogs. So when you open that Rx bar, they’ll have delicious fuel too.

Pamper your pup
Take your dog for a wash, groom, nail trim and more! There are plenty of local spots for do-it-yourself grooming and gift giving – all in one place! One of our faves? Wag ‘n Wash.

Beyond all the out-of-home activities and traveling, the holidays can generally be major sensory overload for dogs. The lights, the tree, the extra company, the Kaskade Christmas Album blasting on repeat. The good news is that wagkind’s organic Dog CBD oil and dog CBD treats help spread the holiday chill for everyone.

We know you’ll love on your dog a little extra this holiday season, so be sure to tag us on social media @forallwagkind for a chance to be featured. Happy dog-days!