new study findings on using cbd for dogs with arthritis and pain

One of the challenges with CBD for dogs is that there just isn’t a ton of scientific data yet. This is largely because it’s a relatively new approach for helping dogs, but also because collecting official data requires substantial funding. But with the growing popularity in using alternative therapies like CBD for helping our furry kids with things like arthritis, pain, epilepsy and anxiety, scientific studies are on the rise. And at wagkind, we’re always thrilled when they’re published because it’s further proof that Mother Nature knows best.

Here are some of the highlights from a new study at Baylor College of Medicine.

“CBD showed great promise in reducing the production of the types of inflammatory molecules and immune cells linked to arthritis and subsequent pain.” – Matthew Halpert, lead researcher & immunologist at Baylor College of Medicine 

Twenty dogs of larger breeds were a part of a double-blind, clinical study and given either CBD or a placebo. Owners of 9/10 dogs who received CBD reported improvement, in some cases “dramatic”. 

“It’s pretty evident that CBD has a genuine anti-inflammatory role and can reduce a lot of the signaling molecules commonly associated with inflammation. We were seeing a reduction in inflammatory signals commonly associated with several actual diseases such as arthritis,” said Halpert. But I was honestly surprised at how well it worked, if I’m being just blunt.”

The dogs in the study have pre-diagnosed, chronic arthritis, an ongoing condition that has drastically affected their lives, their ability to move, and jump, and things like that. So, I said, “I’m not sure if we’re going to see anything in a month.” And then within one month, which clinically speaking, is very, very short, almost every dog in the appropriate CBD groups saw some sort of benefit. It wasn’t a minor benefit. Some of the scores & symptoms were reduced by as much as 50% in just one month. Things in science don’t usually jump that large that quickly. And the dogs in the placebo group, and the low-dose CBD group, they basically saw nothing. No improvement.
– Dr. Matthew Halpert

Because this was a double-blind study, people didn’t know if they were in the placebo group. This tells me, by and large, they weren’t trying to just give fake answers. They gave genuine answers and they said, “no, whatever you gave us did not help my dog.” And then you’ve got 10 dogs in the “better groups” and they’re all like, “yeah, this is fabulous.” I got a bunch of notes that I can’t publish because they’re not scientific. “Oh, my God, I’m so happy. Oh, is the first time he jumped up on the couch in two years.” I’m just like—I’m a little bit floored. Oh my gosh. I mean, it’s just that that actually surprised me more than anything, that it had actually worked that well that quickly. 

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