anxiety relief dog cbd treats

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300mg organic cbd / 30 treats

: perfect for dogs suffering from stress and anxiety
: 30 treats, each with with 10 mg of cbd
: only 5 organic, dog-friendly ingredients
: lab tested for purity and maximum effectiveness
: a natural way to calm an overstimulated dog
: for the perfect cbd dosage, check here

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my little jack russell mix used to bark at the window nonstop all day – which drove my husband nuts. now i give him a cookie every morning, and he’s way more mellow!

– julie, san diego

plant-powered wellness
to keep your dog
happy and healthy

calm the crazy

The best organic cbd for dogs with anxiety or stress

help the hurt

a plant-powered cbd remedy to ease hip, joint and arthritc pain

boost the body

natural support to boost immunity with organic cbd

our hemp is grown in the sunshine like mother nature intended, on fields that have been organically farmed for generations.

dog cbd dosing calculator

100% organic goodness

contains only the best, human-grade organic
ingredients without any chemicals or fillers

maximum effectiveness

lab tested for purity and designed to work with
a dog’s system to get optimal results

safe for all dogs

doesn’t create any unwanted or harmful side
effects and doesn’t get your dog high

the best cbd treats for dogs with anxiety

does cbd really work for dogs?

We’re glad you asked! Yes, it does. And now you’re probably thinking, “of course you were going to say that.” And yes, we would. Because we’ve done incredible amounts of research on the benefits of CBD for dogs and have witnessed the benefits of CBD firsthand on our own furry kids. One of wagkind’s co-founders, Teri, has an almost 14-year-old French Bulldog (life expectancy is 10-12 years) who’s been given CBD on the daily for two years and is still keeping up with two toddlers and loving life. Go Huntie!

But if you don’t want to just take our word for it, here are some recent findings. In fact, pet owners across the internet are telling the FDA that CBD is helping their furry companions. “Dogs don’t lie, she is feeling better and out of pain. I will continue to use CBD oil for her for the rest of her life.” So there you have it.

will cbd make my dog high?

Nope! CBD is non-psychoactive.

how much cbd should i give my dog?

We wish there was a magic answer, but one size doesn’t fit all. But rest assured that its very unlikely your dog will get sick or experience adverse effects from CBD oil. But back to your question – check out the super awesome dosing chart to help make this as simple as possible for you. Still confused? Call us anytime at 1.855.WAGKIND.

is there any science to back this whole cbd thing up?

Yes! Studies have found CBD to be helpful for animals. And with the legalization of hemp in 2018, we’re seeing a bunch of new studies happening. But to make you feel more comfortable, here are some research excerpts: “CBD hemp oil has been researched by top veterinarians for cardiovascular, pain management, orthopedic, and mental health in animals,” says Ian Quinn, CEO of Phyto Animal Health. One study found that CBD reduced psychotic behavior when used on animals, while another study found it to have a noticeable impact on pain reduction.” Read more for yourself here.

15 reviews for anxiety relief dog cbd treats

  1. Bill S.

    Our dog is 11. He needs to have a supplement to keep the pep in his step. We have tried other products including what we lovingly call his “Superman” pills (Cosequin and Fish oil with Omega-3). He still gets them, but until we added a daily Wagkind cookie he was status quo. Now he has a bounce in his step and a light in his eyes. He looks forward to play time again. We are happy for him and appreciative of your product.

  2. Nicole H.

    My 8 year old yorkie, Lola, suffered from skin allergies, as well as severe separation anxiety which caused frequent seizures. Since purchasing Wagkind cookies (which she loves), her skin rash has dramatically subsided and she has not had one seizure!! I am so grateful for this exceptional, all-natural product! She is one happy pup.

  3. Vicky B.

    My grand-dog-sons are both showing their age with limping and stiff joints. Since using Wagkind products, they both have improved movement and more energy (probably due to decreased pain). I recommend Wagkind products to all my friends with dogs.

  4. Lisa W.

    We love our CBD cookies. Our corgi Gus is getting older, and we want to make sure to keep him active for as long as possible! The cbd helps his aging hips stay loose.

  5. Darren Q.

    We have a 7 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog that has to deal with 2 very active siblings! These CBD cookies help her keep calm while keeping the peace! These treats have allowed her to chase the kids around the house and backyard while not slowing her hips down. We feel great about the quality of these cookies that we’re giving to her!

    • wagkind

      Thanks for the great review! And we’re glad your pup and kiddos are playing well together! Thanks for the support!

  6. julie tuttle (verified owner)

    My little jack russell mix used to bark at the window nonstop all day – which drove my husband nuts. Now I give him a cookie every morning, and he’s way more mellow throughout the day… My husband couldn’t thank you more!!

  7. Liz Johnson (verified owner)

    We just had a baby and our little rescue was really nervous around her at first. A wagkind cookie a day, and she’s relaxed and even cuddles with the baby! It’s really sweet. Thanks!

  8. Sierra Whitney (verified owner)

    After a year of pricey pain meds for my bulldog’s arthritis, I started looking for a more cost-effective and more natural option. I started her on CBD and was kinda shocked at how much it actually worked. I recently found wagkind and decided to try it because of the organic ingredients and high amount of CBD, and have been blown away. The cookies smell delicious and Sydney is truly so much more active now!!! Thank you!

  9. James Clark (verified owner)

    Our 9 year old Pomeranian has always been very hyper, stressed, over anxious and even aggressive with strangers at times. And we had tried everything we could to help him – training, meds and good old fashioned discipline. But it barely worked. Now he’s been taking the wagkind cbd cookies daily and wow, what a change. He’s like a whole new dog. More importantly, we can tell that he’s a lot happier. Dealing with stress and anxiety isn’t fun for anyone, even dogs.

  10. Lisa Raiola (verified owner)

    Thank you for helping with our pups anxiety. While the drops didn’t work for us, you where great about sending us a new order of the biscuits. Will be ordering when we are running low. Your staff is so kind and caring, so nice that you followed up to see how your products where working out. GREAT product, OUTSTANDING STAFF & CUSTOMER SERVICE. THANK YOU! LISA

  11. Dan L.

    We have a 13 year old Shi-Poo (Dottie) that has limited energy and is scared of her own shadow. Every time we have guests over she shakes and hides under our bed until they leave. Not sure what caused this stress and anxiety in her but we wanted to try and fix it. We have tried other supplements, thunder wraps/sweaters and an anti-anxiety collar. All of these seemed to be gimmicks. After trying the Wagkind CBD cookies for two weeks we noticed a big change in her behavior. She seems to have way more energy and is no longer scared of the doorbell or house guests. I highly recommend the cookies.

  12. Tiffany W.

    I got this cookies for my 8 year old poodle Nixon. I’m always looking for healthy treats for him between meals that he will actually eat because he is so picky! He loved these cookies, and looks forward to them every afternoon! My moms (more hyper) 2 year old Bernie doodle also loves them, and they have helped him relax around new people! Beautiful packaging that I love on my kitchen counter, healthy treats for my pup! Win win!!

  13. Cameron Kaplan (verified owner)

    Bought the CBD cookies as a gift for my aunt who has everything and loves the family dog, Cooper, more than anything. I originally gifted them for his anxiety, but then Cooper needed surgery on a torn meniscus (and the vet didn’t prescribe pain killers). Cue the hemp CBD cookies! After not sleeping for 2 days I suggested she try them…30 minutes later, Cooper was finally resting. She has been giving him the cookies everyday now and his recovery has been faster than expected. They seem to calm him significantly and I know wagkind is now a staple in her canine care routine. Love this product and highly recommend!

  14. Erinn S.

    Our 7 year old dingo rescue pup Rosie loves the cbd treats and they’ve helped with her anxiety and overall skittishness. She can be extra cautious around people and especially little kids. With a baby on the way, it’s important to us to help get her more comfortable with having a little human around soon. She’s much more open to approaching new people and letting kiddos near her now.

  15. Ashley Summers (verified owner)

    These CBD cookies are nothing short of amazing in my book! My Brussels Griffon, Angus, is picky as can be and turns his nose up at pretty much every treat I’ve tried to help him with his arthritis. These little cookies have been a game changer! Not only does he LOVE them and happily gobbles them up but they make him noticeably more comfortable and relaxed. I couldn’t be happier to finally find something he loves that works!

    On another note, he also has a very acidic stomach and sometimes wakes up not feeling well, throwing up some bile and not wanting to eat and I have to use a pill popper to get a Pepcid in him. Today was one of those days, but I decided to see if maybe he’d eat his morning cookie, and while it took a few minutes he finally did! He will never touch anything when he feels sick but he ate his Wagkind cookie and after about 30 minutes felt well enough to take his pill in some cheese. Incredible, this is why they’re magical! Thank you Wagkind! 💕💕

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