pain relief dog cbd oil

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500mg organic cbd / 30mL

: perfect for dogs suffering from pain and arthritis
: only 3 organic, dog-friendly ingredients
: lab tested for purity and maximum effectiveness
: a natural way to reduce inflammation
: for the perfect cbd dosage, check here


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my 120 pound baby with hip and joint issues used to be slow to stand up or get off the couch, but after about a week of the wagkind drops she’s moving like normal again!

– julie, denver

plant-powered wellness
to keep your dog
happy and healthy

calm the crazy

The best organic cbd for dogs with anxiety or stress

help the hurt

a plant-powered cbd remedy to ease hip, joint and arthritc pain

boost the body

natural support to boost immunity with organic cbd

our hemp is grown in the sunshine like mother nature intended, on fields that have been organically farmed for generations.

best dog cbd oil

100% organic goodness

contains only the best, human-grade organic
ingredients without any chemicals or fillers

maximum effectiveness

lab tested for purity and designed to work with
a dog’s system to get optimal results

safe for all dogs

doesn’t create any unwanted or harmful side
effects and doesn’t get your dog high

the best cbd oil for dogs with pain

does cbd really work for dogs?

We’re glad you asked! Yes, it does. And now you’re probably thinking, “of course you were going to say that.” And yes, we would. Because we’ve done incredible amounts of research on the benefits of CBD for dogs and have witnessed the benefits of CBD firsthand on our own furry kids. One of wagkind’s co-founders, Teri, has an almost 14-year-old French Bulldog (life expectancy is 10-12 years) who’s been given CBD on the daily for two years and is still keeping up with two toddlers and loving life. Go Huntie!

But if you don’t want to just take our word for it, here are some recent findings. In fact, pet owners across the internet are telling the FDA that CBD is helping their furry companions. “Dogs don’t lie, she is feeling better and out of pain. I will continue to use CBD oil for her for the rest of her life.” So there you have it.

will cbd make my dog high?

Nope! CBD is non-psychoactive.

how much cbd should i give my dog?

We wish there was a magic answer, but one size doesn’t fit all. But rest assured that its very unlikely your dog will get sick or experience adverse effects from CBD oil. But back to your question – check out the super awesome dosing chart to help make this as simple as possible for you. Still confused? Call us anytime at 1.855.WAGKIND.

is there any science to back this whole cbd thing up?

Yes! Studies have found CBD to be helpful for animals. And with the legalization of hemp in 2018, we’re seeing a bunch of new studies happening. But to make you feel more comfortable, here are some research excerpts: “CBD hemp oil has been researched by top veterinarians for cardiovascular, pain management, orthopedic, and mental health in animals,” says Ian Quinn, CEO of Phyto Animal Health. One study found that CBD reduced psychotic behavior when used on animals, while another study found it to have a noticeable impact on pain reduction.” Read more for yourself here.

14 reviews for pain relief dog cbd oil

  1. Teri B.

    We’ve been giving our old bulldog CBD for about a year and were so excited to finally see a truly, all-organic dog-specific product hit the market. We switched to wagkind and have noticed a considerable improvement in our dog’s joint pain and overall mobility. The dog door was getting really tough for him, but now he’s in and out much easier.

  2. Bill M.

    Bought these for our dog because we liked the organic ingredients over some of the other stuff we looked at. Showed up two days later, products looks great, and my dog has been doing great since we started a couple of weeks back.

  3. Jenny F. (verified owner)

    These CBD oil drops are magic! We have been giving to our 8 year old pup for about a month now. Poor pup is allergic to pretty much everything and the drops have cleared up his skin and he is so much less itchy! We bought for his separation anxiety (which has improved immensely) but have been totally surprised with how much they have helped his skin! And bonus, they are all organic and have fantastic packaging.

  4. Dan J.

    Bam! This oil is awesome! Our Australian Shepard is taking this like a champ straight from the tincture and has made huge strides in his mobility and stiffness. Product arrived three days after ordering with free shipping option. So far so good! Leaving only 4 stars until I see longterm impact. Will update review after having a couple of months with the product.

  5. Tricia M.

    The CBD oil is the best quality and very effective. I’ve been using twice daily to control arthritic pain for my 14 year old dog and happy to report he is doing so much better. His mobility is dramatically improved. I’m a healthcare practitioner and trust this brand. I’ve done the research on benefits of CBD and see the outcomes with my dog first hand. Buy quality you can trust!

  6. Dan C. (verified owner)

    My old but cherished dog Charlotte is an 11-year-old Cavalier King Charles who has bad hips. Upon using the CBD oil in her food, we noticed Charlotte limps less from jumping up and down from her favorite chair! Will for sure be a repeat customer!

  7. Erinn S. (verified owner)

    Our 11 year old, yet super active border collie, Sydney, had a significant seizure spell and cysts on her liver. Between vitamins, her meds and now CBD oil she’s not only surviving but thriving! She plays daily with her toys & sister pup Rosie, daily walks and can still crush a decent hike.

  8. Jessica P.

    My 5-year-old dachshund mix suffers from anxiety, joint problems and terrible allergies. I started giving him this CBD oil and the changes have been almost overnight. I’ve been able to take him on longer walks, he’s licking his paws less and he just seems to be happier. I’m all about anything that helps my furry child so I will be back to buy more once this runs out.

  9. julie tuttle (verified owner)

    My 120 pound Newfie with hip and joint issues used to be slow to stand up or get on and off the couch, but after about a week of giving her the wagkind drops she’s moving like a puppy again! Seeing her happy and acting like she used to made my month. Thank you so much!

  10. Liz Johnson (verified owner)

    We don’t like chemicals in the house, so we were super excited to find a brand of CBD for dogs that’s actually organic and keeps the ingredients simple. Plus, our little rescue Cubbie loves it! It’s awesome to have something we can feel good about giving her.

  11. Cary T

    Our awesome 8 year old chocolate lab Dax has hip dysplasia. We’ve managed his discomfort with some meds and supplements for awhile now, but adding this daily CBD oil has given him a lot more pep. So happy to see him more active and playful. A sure sign that he’s feeling better!

  12. Sabrina Sirianni (verified owner)

    Unless you have, or have met a dog like mine, you might roll your eyes when I tell you that my Cheerio has severe anxiety. How could a dog be anxious about anything? Well, they are very much like people… They do have feelings, and I can’t even imagine what it would be like to experience those types of heightened emotions without the ability to communicate or vent.

    When we found Wagkind cbd oil, our lives changed. He is no longer frantic and you can see him feeling comfortable in his own surroundings… Does he still bark like crazy when he hears the door bell ring? Of course he does… he is a dog and that’s what they do. But he no longer tires himself out by spinning in circles for no reason… and doesn’t become anxious at every outside sound. He’s chill now. Living his best life… And knowing he’s happy makes my life that much happier.

    I was skeptical before trying this… he would only take it if I put in peanut butter and at first I wasn’t sure it was working. But after a week I saw a difference and it’s been smooth sailing ever since! Thank you, Wagkind… from both of us!

  13. JJDellaTorre

    This product worked amazingly, and I tried it with 2 different dogs.
    One dog is around 25lbs and the other, 10lbs. So needless to say they have a lot of anxiety energy built up in those little bodies. There is a lot of running around with these 2.
    After the first day of giving them the drops, next time I pulled out the bottle, they ran up and sat down in front of me waiting for their next dosage.
    One of the dogs used to get so excited when a human got home, that he would urinate on the floor out of excitement when you pet him. That probably is GONE!!
    The cost of the CBD oil is worth its weight in gold just on saving me from having to clean that up multiple times a day.
    Thanks Wagkind!!

  14. Wes Harper (verified owner)

    This product has been a tremendous help for our 2 mini dachshunds. Our dogs typically get really stressed and anxiety ridden whenever there are loud noises or noises they don’t recognize such as when people stop to talk outside our house, rain and thunder, doorbells or fireworks. They will get restless and will start to shake, tremble, pant and drool, pace and cry. When I gave them a dosage of the CBD oil, it really helped to calm them and take the edge off their anxiety levels but not to the point they were drowsy or out of it. This has been a huge help where we no longer have to fear how they will react during situations that would previously stress them out. Everyone in our household is more relaxed and carefree now.

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