quarantine / why now is the perfect time to add CBD into your dog’s wellness routine

Surreal times we’re living in. A global pandemic. Life that’s come to a screeching stop.

How are you doing? We’re just like everyone else and taking it day by day. Constantly trying to focus our energy on spending time with our families and the art of slowing down, and not on the unknown.

But as a small business, it’s a particularly weird time. Do we keep selling products? Do we sit tight for a bit? For how long? After a lot of thought, we’ve gone back to our core mission: to help as many families and dogs as possible. Our goals have never been based on the bottom line, and that rings more true than ever in our new reality.

Right now, we truly believe we can help families that are new to CBD. Here’s why.

Anxious Energy
Our collective anxiety is high, and dogs feed off their human’s energy. At a time when we’re all upping our own daily doses of chill, we can’t forget about our furry kids. We’ve rocked their routine, too! wagkind’s anti-anxiety CBD oil and anti-anxiety CBD cookies are mother nature’s alternative to anti-anxiety Rx for dogs.

We love our dogs, but they’re not always the calmest co-workers. With virtual Zoom meetings and conference calls as our new normal, CBD is a great way to keep your dog mellow while you try to keep things quasi-normal. Because let’s face it: no one wants to constantly be that “sorry, I was on mute!” person.

Increased Activity
From the yesterdays of lounging to the current days filled with screaming kids, tons of walks, and extra playtime, there’s a lot for our pups to be happy about! But their bodies may not be totally prepared for the sudden rush of activity. Our CBD pain relief cookies and pain relief drops help with joint pain and inflammation.

Observation Time
CBD isn’t one-size-fits-all. Just like humans, every dog body metabolizes CBD differently and requires a different dose to achieve the desired benefits. With all this extra time at home, dog parents finally have time to observe their dog’s behavior changes and experiment with the right CBD dosage.

We’re in this together and truly appreciate your love and support.
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We’re always here if you have any questions about CBD for your dog.
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