tincture or treat: which one should i give my dog?

Halloween may be all about treats, but we’re more about the treats that double as “somethin’ good to eat.”

At first glance, most people think the CBD dog treats (or cookies as we like to call them), are the easier and more economical option. And in some ways, that’s absolutely right. But here’s a #protip – the wagkind Organic Hemp CBD Drops are more CBD milligram bang for your buck. Why? Because you’re not paying for the extra, all-organic cookie ingredients, as healthy and delicious as they may be.

But the good news is that both wagkind Organic Hemp CBD Drops and our Organic Hemp CBD Cookies have maximum effectiveness, so you really can’t go wrong. (Unfortunately, some CBD dog oil and treats on the market contain such little traces of active CBD that they’re not going to do much at all except fill up your pup).

Back to your question. Ultimately, the decision to give your dog CBD oil drops vs. a CBD cookie comes down to personal preference and temperament of you and your dog. If the idea of having to open your dog’s mouth and drop oil into it is terrifying or totally laughable – the cookies are probably your best bet. But if you’re used to being up close and personal and they’re as chill as a snowman, then go for the oil!

And if your furry kid is flexible, the best way to approach it is based on their category of health:

CATEGORY 01. They need a little extra TLC to help with a specific ailment like pain or anxiety.

Our Recommendation: wagkind Organic Hemp CBD Drops all the way! And remember – the way to get maximum efficiency of the oil is to add it directly to your pup’s mouth. But if that’s totally out of the question, add the oil to food or a treat but be sure they eat it quickly!

CATEGORY 02. We’re adding CBD into their routine as a daily supplement for general wellness.

Our Recommendation: wagkind Organic Hemp CBD Cookies may be the perfect place to start. And you can easily monitor and adjust how many nutritious cookies you’re giving on the daily to find the perfect dose for your pup.

As always, if you’re still unsure reach out to use at help@wagkind.com or 855-WAGKIND anytime and we’ll help!

Here’s to a fun, happy and stress-free Halloween!