three DIY dog halloween costumes that couldn’t be more 2019

Fall is the basic of seasons, in the best kind of way. From pulling your actual physical comfort zone of an oversized sweater out of the closet, to the annual transition from iced to hot coffee, to watching spooky movies by candlelight under the covers; fall is the jam. And we’re not just saying that because we’re in the desert.

It’s easy to love fall. But for dog lovers, it’s even better because fall is also the Super Bowl of costume creativity. You mean we can dress our pups in flannel shirts and spend an entire day picking expensive apples simply #fortheinsta? Relive our favorite pop culture moments from the last ten months in the form of our furry best friends? Stretch one spooky kid’s holiday into an entire month of content? There’s only one word in the English language for our collective feels, and it’s “in”.

Since the team at wagkind can’t resist having a little Halloween dress up fun too, we came up with a few thought-starters for your annual month-long fur fashion show — I mean, October. Here’s our roundup of 2019’s best DIY Halloween costume ideas, gone to the dogs.

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VSCO Girls

Possibly the most puzzling and simultaneously relatable young-person phenomenon of 2019, VSCO girls give us major “on Wednesdays we wear pink” vibes. Plus, we dig any excuse to pull scrunchies and pucca shells out of the vault. Excuse us while we update our AIM status to *BrB, gOiNg To ThE mAlL*


Kanye’s Sunday Service at Coachella

Remember when Kanye hosted a legit religious experience at ‘chella? Love him or hate him, it was simply SO 2019. If you were lucky enough to be on that hill on that fateful day, it’s something you won’t soon forget. Double bonus if you can get your pup to rock a Kanye-inspired scowl on their face, too!

(photo cred: @chrisallmeid)


Taylor Swift in the “You Need To Calm Down” music video

If sipping a martini in a pool floatie wearing an oversized pink faux fur jacket isn’t the ultimate power move, we don’t know what is. Whether or not you’re a Switfie, you can appreciate the waves she made in her newest music video, “You Need To Calm Down”. Plus, dogs in sunglasses are always a good idea.

(photo cred: @taylorswift)


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